Gasparilla Children's Parade and Extravaganza

Date: Saturday, January 24, 2015


The Parade starts at 3:30 pm. Please be present and checked in at the float by 3:00 pm. Check in will start at 1:30pm. Pizza compliments of Pizza Hut will be available float side. Water will also be on hand. A more detailed schedule of the day is available on the Gasparilla Extravaganza website. Fireworks start at 7:00 pm. Show center is at Howard and Bayshore, but can be seen anywhere along Bayshore Blvd.


Our position is 18, which is at approximately TBD. The parade is 1.4 miles long along Bayshore Boulevard, starting at Bay to Bay and ending at Watrous/Orleans Avenues. ALL participants must have a wristband which will be handed out at check in. The total number of float riders is limited to 80, children and adults. In order to secure your spot on the float, please submit your parade application and ALL fees by January 17.

Walk ups (money and applications) the day of the parade will be accommodated on the float as space allows. There is no limit to the number of people walking. Of special note: all children under the age of 6 MUST ride the float. Please plan accordingly.


We will take payment by credit card the day of the parade. However, to secure a float position, you still need to submit your application and fees by January 17. This still needs to be paid by check.

Important Note: This is an alcohol-free family event. Please refrain from bringing alcohol to the parade route. Any unit in violation of this policy will be suspended from participating in the Children's Gasparilla Parade and/or the Gasparilla Parade of Pirates for a minimum of three (3) years.

Parade Disbanding: Participant pick up is along Bayshore Boulevard north of Edison. The float cannot stop until we've received permission from law enforcement and/or event staff.

NOTE: Transportation will not be provided back to the beginning of the parade route.

Directions: Click here for starting location map. Click here for disbanding location map.

Guests: Children and adults are welcome for a guest fee of $20 per person. The Children's Parade Application must be completed by all participants, including the children of Krewe members.

Costume: Pirate-themed costumes for children. Street clothes with pirate/Gasparilla themed t-shirts for adults. Adults may wear costumes if they want.

Beads: Yes, plan on 30 dozen or more. Additional beads will be for sale the day of the parade.

Afterwards: Stay for the Piratechnic Extravaganza beginning at 7:00 pm. Show center is at Howard Avenue and Bayshore Boulevard.

Cancellation: If we experience an emergency that would necessitate the emergency cancellation of the parade prior to its start, the float will remain in its position in the staging area. All parade participants must be picked up here.


  1. Absolutely NO ALCOHOL is permitted. Any unit with participants consuming or in possession of alcoholic beverages will be escorted out of the event site and will not be able to participate in any Gasparilla parade for a minimum of three (3) years.
  2. Beads must be tossed UNDERHANDED! This is for the safety of all parade viewers.
  3. DO NOT toss beads or giveaways prior to Bay to Bay Blvd. and Bayshore Blvd. Bay to Bay is the official start of the parade. Any units distributing any beads or giveaways prior to Bay to Bay will not be invited to participate in future years.
  4. Children under 6 must ride on a float or in a vehicle, not walk.
  5. Participants may not exit or board a float/vehicle for the duration of the parade. They may load/unload in the staging or disbanding areas only AND only when the float/vehicle is stationary.
  6. Once the unit has entered the disbanding area (past Swann Ave.) DO NOT allow children to exit the float/vehicle until you have received permission from law enforcement officials and/or event staff in the disbanding area. The float must keep moving until permitted to stop!!
  7. The official unloading area is north of Edison and Bayshore. This is also the “safe area” where parents can pick up (by foot, not vehicle) their children after the parade.