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Chartered in July, 2003 the Krewe of St. Brigit was formed with community service endeavors in mind. With the collective resources of our members, we aspire to make significant contributions to our community with charities that benefit women a priority in our fundraising efforts. In 2008 we debuted our "tavern" float. The float is inspired by a local Irish tavern and the design of Mary Dietz (1959-2014), one of our founding members. Through the contributions of our "float fairies" over the past few years it is a creation of our members with many special symbols that we understand and appreciate representing our society of women.

In 2012 we joined the Krewe of Shamrock and The Highlanders to host the Tampa Bay Tartan Ball. The ball has become one of the talked about events of the pre-season and is dated around the time of the Celtic Fall Solstice.

Every year we celebrate Imbolc, traditionally held February 1st , which is regarded as the true First Day of Spring, the Celtic Season of Light. Bonfires burned in honor of Brigid the goddess, symbolizing purification after being confined to one's home during the long bleak winter. Before the YMKG Day parade we as a krewe, gather the night before the parade to celebrate our Imbolc.

Our Costume

Who Was Brigit

We selected St. Brigit as our patron because of her fantastical legends and myths associated with both Brigit the Pagan Goddess and Brigid the Irish Saint. St. Brigit is known for being an inspiration to artists and writers, agricultural workers, scholars, sailors and healers.

In ancient times Bhrigid was synonymous with "Goddess". Brigit is considered the Triple Goddess; hence the triangular shapes in our crest. She embodies the Maiden for purity & innocence, the Mother for comfort & fruitfulness, and the Crone for wisdom & healing.

Brigit was the Goddess of poets, healing, and smithcraft. She transitions into Christianity as St. Brigit of Kildare. Both as a pagan Goddess and the Christian Saint, there were stories of the many miracles, her generosity, and kindness.

A tradition holds on the eve of St. Brigid's Day (Candlemas) rushes or straw are woven into "St. Brigid's Crosses". They are then hung above the doors to bring protection to the family within. When you visit Ireland you will find many St Brigid crosses in windows and in homes in many shapes and sizes.

Become A Member

To become a member of (KOSB) the Krewe of St Brigit, you must be sponsored by one of our members. We only accept women as members, but our men, "come along for the ride". Our members are women from all over Florida and from all walks of life.

On the months when we do not have a formal event, we meet to chat, cajole and "catch up" with each other. The socials are scheduled throughout the city and usually fall on the 3rd Thursday of the month. This is the best chance to meet us and get to know our members before deciding if this is a good fit for you. You can email us and ask for an invitation by telling us a little about yourself, or you can be a paying guest on one of our parades. We participate in the 3 Major parades at this time, the Gasparilla Parade of the Pirates, Knights of Sant' Yago Knight Parade, and the Rough Riders St. Patrick's Day Parade.

As a guest you will be required to dress in costume. Once you have requested parade information we will be in contact with you, to pair you up with a current member who will help you on your "virgin" voyage. You will be given a stash of beads, but you will want to purchase more to have plenty on hand for the long journey. Depending on the parade will depend on the distance and the time. It can be a day long and into the evening Day Parade experience or a shorter evening parade with partying into the night. Each has its own special benefits. As a guest, you will also be able to partake in our feast and beverages aboard our float.

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Linda Sierra-Wise

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Julie Canton

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Lisa Reeves


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