Sant' Yago Knight Parade

Welcome to the 2015 Gasparilla Day Parade

Name: The Krewe of Sant'Yago Knight Parade

Date: Saturday, February 8, 2014

Time: 7:00 pm, all parade participants must be floatside by 6:00 pm.

Location: Float position is 104 in Section IV along Nuccio Parkway, just west of 4th Avenue. The official start of the parade is 7th Avenue and Nuccio. See the staging map here.

Parade End: Parade will end on 7th Avenue at 23rd Street. Disbanding will occur past 24th Street and as far as 40th Street. To return to Ybor, go north to 8th Avenue and return to area. Crossover is at 21st Street. Click here for parade map.

NOTE: As soon as we cross 21st Street, start gathering all of your stuff. Be prepared to exit the float as soon as it stops. The float cannot stop until we are directed to do so by police or a parade marshall.

Parking: Suggested parking is in any of the parking garages near 7th Avenue: the 13th Street parking garage, Centro Ybor parking, or one of the lots on 8th Avenue down near the disbanding area.

Wristbands: All parade participants must have a wristband to be in the parade and in the staging area. Wristbands were given out at Imbolc. If you didn't receive yours, make sure you see Denise Alexander as soon as you get to the float.

Alcohol and Glass Containers: In the staging area and along the parade route, you cannot have any beer cans, beer bottles or alcoholic beverages displayed. Opaque cups are a MUST!

Pre-parade party: We will have a pre-parade party floatside starting at 5:00 pm.

Guests: Adult guests, age 21 or older, are invited to join us for a guest fee of $100. Parade guest fees are not refundable if the parade has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the Krewe of St. Brigit.  Please make sure your guests are well versed on the Parade and Float Safety Rules.

Costume: All participants, including parade guests, must be in costume.  No street clothes will be allowed.  Krewe members are responsible for their guests being in appropriate costume. For costume ideas, click here.

Beads: Yes, a must!  At least 40 dozen to get through the clamoring masses. Beads can be stowed on float, but must be out of rollerboard cases, plastic grocery bags or cardboard boxes. Consider fabric bags or bead belts.

Bead Drop Off: Beads can be dropped off at the float all day Friday and Saturday before 12:00 pm. Make sure your bags are well marked and stored neatly. Storage places include inside the pub, underneath the seating/standing area in the front, and underneath the seating area in the back. No cardboard boxes or rolling bags will be permitted on the float.

Please read and review all of the St. Brigit Parade and Float Safety Rules