About Us

Krewe of St. Brigit was chartered in July, 2003 and formed with community service endeavors in mind. The collective resources of our members aspire to make significant contributions to our community with women's charities a priority in our fundraising efforts.

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Who was Brigit

We selected St. Brigit as our patron because of her fantastical legends and myths associated with both Brigit the Pagan Goddess and Brigid the Irish Saint. St. Brigit is known for being an inspiration to artists and writers, agricultural workers, scholars, sailors and healers.

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Become a Member

To become a member of (KOSB) the Krewe of St Brigit, you must be sponsored by one of our members. We only accept women as members, but our men, "come along for the ride". Our members are women from all over Florida and from all walks of life.

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Upcoming Events

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